What is SEA Teacher?

I have shared all of my stories in the Philippines. From I went there, doing practicum teaching, even my holiday. Now, I will share what the SEA Teacher is. The SEA Teacher Project or the “Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia” is a project that aims to provide opportunities for pre-service student teachers from universities in Southeast Asia to have teaching experiences (practicum) in schools in other countries in Southeast Asia.

The duration of this program is one month and is based on the mechanism of cost sharing basis. Student’s roles and responsibilities are assigned weekly during the one month period, like observe, assist in teaching, teach and reflect. During this program, the host university will provide mentors to supervise and monitor the students throughout the practicum period. For more information, visit link below:


Solo Teaching and Evaluation

Wednesday, 28 August 2019 I have my own solo teaching. We did the solo teaching and observed by our cooperate teacher (advisor) and Mam Pregua. For today, just 3 of us first. That is Rosa, Nisa and I. I felt nervous, but Ms. Latorilla always supports me. She even helps me to made the learning materials and gave me some advice. The challenges are different in Indonesia, the teacher should be creative made the learning materials so the pupils do not get bored and exciting with the lesson. Besides that, the learning materials must be related to the purposes of the lesson.

The Learning Materials

The student teacher must have a loud voice because of the extensive classroom conditions and the large number of students. From this program, I learned many things, like to improve my communication skills, creativity to teach and made the learning materials, and how to approach students with different cultures. The practicum procedure is divided into 4 steps. The first step is observation, the second step is teaching assistants, the third step is solo teaching, and the last is evaluation and reflection.

During the solo teaching

My suggestion for the next batch is before doing this program, find out what things you shouldn’t do in that place. You can also learn some of the words in Filipino. But, besides that, the University of the Immaculate Conception treat us beyond my expectation. They are so kind and friendly. They welcoming us very well

Journey to beautiful places

On Saturday, 24 August we went to Samal Island. We went there by boat that has a capacity of around 45-55 people. For this journey, we accompanied by our buddies and Mam Pregua. We would go to many beautiful places. Around 45 minutes later, the boat stopped for took some equipment in an Island, I forgot the name by the way. After that, we continue our journey to the next stop, but before we arrive I already changed my clothes so that I can swim freely. In the first place, we spend around an hour to swim. We can swim freely, but still around the boat. After an hour, all of the visitors back to the boat and we continue to the next place. That is an Island there. On the Island we can play volleyball, make a sand castle, drink coconut, or just spend time there. Until 12 o’clock we took lunch. After lunch, we back to play, or just sharing some stories. Oh, we also took some pictures together.

We continue our journey. This time, it’s a steep high cliff, but people still can jump from up there to the sea. I have no brave to jump honestly. It’s pretty high I think, so I choose just stayed in the boat. But, our buddies and Mam Pregua invited us to just go around the Island to take some pictures. We took many pictures on that day. After that, we went back to the port. But, before we arrive I already change my wet clothes. Before we went back to the dorm, we would have dinner first at Jollibee. It’s around 6.35 p.m when we arrived at the dorm. We went back to the dorm we happily smile and a full stomach.

Teaching for the first time

On Tuesday, 20 August was my first time to teach. I already finished the learning plan and the powerpoint that fill with the subject that I would teach. I felt so nervous. Even though I ever practice teaching, but the reality not that easy. The pupils were so active and talkative. Sometimes, they play and talk with their classmates. But, that was the point of how to be a teacher. We should now how to get the attention of the pupils. So, sometimes I gave them a video to watched and sing together too. Kids still kids, they love to play.

Usually my voice not loud. But because for the taught, I must speak louder than usual. It hurts my throat, actually. But, I think I should do this so the pupils can hear my voice.Sometimes the pupils made a group and solve questions or just do some activities together. I already consult with my teacher (advisor) several times to make sure the learning plan that I make compatible with the curriculum. She also suggested me to paying attention to time management in teaching and classroom management. Like how to get the attention of the pupils and how to make the learning to be fun. At the end of our study, I gave them an assignment. Just 5 questions about that related with the topic that I taught them.

This is one of the learning plan that I have made:

Independence Day in Consulate General of Republic Indonesia

On Saturday, 17 August was Indonesia Independence day. So four of us went to the Consulate of Republic Indonesia to attend the flag ceremony. We went there accompanied by Sister Erlin. She is also of Indonesian nationality so she would attend the flag ceremony. We went there at 6.30 a.m by taxi. the flag ceremony would be held in the filed of Sekolah Indonesia Davao. There’s a lot of people there.

What a good coincidence, we met our friends too. Their names are Retno and Hanun. There’s a lot of competitions were held too. the lottery is also held. Oca, Hanun and I got a small gift. the lottery was held after several talent shows were presented. After all of the talent shows are done, time to draw the grand prize. The grand prize is a bike. Lucky that I got the grand prize. I never imagine this. I got speechless and felt unbelievable, but all of them congregated me. I felt so thankful for today.

The grand prize that I got

Eden Garden and Malagos Garden and Resort

Friday, 16 August we went to the Eden garden and Malagos garden resort. We went there by car. We were accompanied by our buddies, Ma’am Pregua and Ma’am Simbulas. We arrived at the Eden garden around 9 a.m. I like the view of the Eden garden and the fresh air too. There’s a lot of games too. We took a lot of photos there. There’s a lot of destinations.

At Eden Garden

After we took our snack time, we went to the Malagos garden resort. Along the way, we share stories with our buddies. They also taught us a few words in Filipino. Then, we arrived at the Malagos garden resort. At Malagos garden resort, we even watch the animals show. The Malagos garden resort has many pretty places too, like the house of birds and museum chocolate. The last destination of the day, we went to SM City. We buy our needs, and back to the dorm around 4 p.m. We tired but felt happy.

At Malagos Garden Resort


Wednesday, 14 August just like usual I am still observe how my cooperate teacher Ms. Laorilla teaching the pupils. The University of the Immaculate Conception use curriculum K to 12 and RVM Pedagogy.

Curriculum K to 12 is curriculum that cover kindergarden and 12 years of basic education. 12 years basic of education are 6 years of primary education, 4 years of Junior High School, and 2 years of Senior High School. Curriculum K to 12 has goals to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, develop lifelong learners, and prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship all of the students.

RVM Pedagogy is a way to teachers and the students towards their integral development and growth as productive citizens  through an interactive learning processes that lead to the realization of learning goals, unfolding of learning standards, and eventual demonstration of  learning outcomes.

Moreover, teachers are required to have clear focal point in their sustained, and thought-provoking interaction with  students through the utilization of  connecting, exploring and  leading inquiries to  develop student’s  critical, logical,  creative, investigative, analytical  and reflective thinking. This interaction also gives learners  more opportunities to uncover and discover deeper the concepts presented thereby allowing them to gain more meaningful insights and connections  that enable them to  demonstrate successfully  the desired learning outcomes.

Usually the teacher will use some video before start the lesson. It hoped so the pupils can be energized and not bored with the lesson. The teacher sometime use the video to increase the motivation of the pupils. Beside observed the teacher, I was helped the teacher to check the result test of the pupils. The subject of the test was Changes in Matter. If the pupils got score below of the passing grade, the teacher would give the another evaluation. Like some of questions that related with the subject.

Classroom assessment plays a fundamental function in implementation of the K to 12 Curriculum. This provides teachers immediate feedback of student’s progress or measures the attainment of competence by learners, the learners are evaluated on the lessons learned, values gained and how they connect and apply to the varied context of life what they learned and gained. These are done through other valid evidences but most importantly through performance tasks which should always be related or connected to real life context and with rubrics. Performance tasks should be in progression from the first to the last term.

This is the example of the Learning Plan:

Eid Al-adha in Davao

Today, 11 August 2019 just three of us went to the Consulate General Republic of Indonesia. We would celebrate and pray for Eid al-Adha there. We already know the way to get there so we went there without accompanied by anybody. The way to the Consulate General Republic of Indonesia is very congested. Fortunately for us, we arrived there around 6.45 a.m and the prayer ended around 9 a.m.

Listen to the lecture after prayer

In the consulate of the Republic of Indonesia, we met other friends that doing their community service in the Indonesian School of Davao (SID). After prayer, we are invited to break-fasting in the homestay behind the Indonesian School of Davao and watch the Qurban process at the House of Indonesia. Around 4 cows slaughtered at the House of Indonesia. There’s a lot of people in the House of Indonesia. We also help them to wrap the meat of the cows. The meat would distributed with people around House of Indonesia and local residents. After that, we took a break then went back to the dorm at 3 p.m

Met new friends from Indonesia

To be a teacher’s assistant

August, 9 2019 like usually our buddy Ella picked us up at the dormitory. We went to school together. But, because today we earlier than usual, Rosa and Rima took their breakfast in the canteen of the junior high school. Ella and I accompanied them. After finished with their breakfast, we separated back to our each classes.

Immaculate Heart Building

The University of the Immaculate Conception’s basic education is in Bajada. In Bajada, there are Kinder garden, Grade school, Junior High School and Senior High School. The University of the Immaculate Conception have a long historical. That is began in 1902, the community called The Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) converted house that donated by  Mrs. Sinforosa Bangoy vda de Joven into a dormitory and classrooms. On May 1, 1992, Department of Education Secretary Dr. Isidro Carino granted ICC university status, and it became “University of the Immaculate Conception”. The school was then 87 years old. From that, The University of the Immaculate Conception continues to improve their system, facilities, etc.

Until now, facilities in The University of the Immaculate Conception at grade school there are Chapel, Auditorium, Bookstore, Mother Ignacia Gym, Our Lady of Peace Hall, Clinic, Speech Laboratory, Home Economics, Computer Laboratory, Learning Space, E-Learning Laboratory, Science Laboratory, Math Laboratory, Audio-visual Center, Learning Commons, Guidance Office, Playroom, Classroom, Closed Circuit Television, and Drinking Fountains.To handle the education system in grade school there are 35 teachers and staffs. Usually, the teacher will handle 1 until 2 majors. But, some of teachers with major generalist handle until 3 majors.

In the morning for the first hour that is flag ceremony. Every morning the pupils with said loudly the vision and mission The University of the Immaculate Conception


                 A globally recognized Catholic university that nurtures faith, builds passion for excellence and develops lifelong learners with compassion for service that impacts transformation in a fast-changing society.


                 We commit ourselves to:

  1. Provide an excellent educational experience to students to help them become globally competitive and adaptive to change
  2. Inculcate among students the values of serving others with humality and love, working for justice, promoting peace, and preserving the integrity of creation
  3. Engage in research activities in collaboration with local, regional, national and international partners
  4. Uphold the dignity of the persons especially the poor
  5. Promote and strengthen our Filipino cultures and values
  6. Administer the university following Catholic doctrine.

I would be in the OLN class. My cooperate teacher, Ms. Latorilla asked me to help her check the result of the review test for the pupils. There are 3 classes of the review test that I should check. I have finished check it when the pupils went to the class after their recess time.

After I finished check the result I move to next class. That class is OLM class. At the first I sat at back, and Ms. Latorilla teach the pupils like usual. But, suddenly she must handle 2 classes. So, she asked me to help her handle the OLM class just for awhile. She still would check the class sometimes. I think this would be my chance to know the situation and the characteristic of the pupils for later when I teach them. It’s great that the pupils so discipline and always heard what I told them, but kids still kids. They still likes to play even though the class was not over. When we back to the dorm, we were fetched by Grace and Mylene. But, we went to Mc Donald for dinner first before back to the dorm.

The First Day

5 August, 2019 was my first day. We went to school at 6.00 a.m. For the first day, Ms. Pregua picked us up. We went to school by tricycle and transportation called “Jeepney”. It’s little bit same with “pete-pete” in Makassar. After we arrived, we went to principal office to report. Rosa and I would do the Community Service in Grade School of University of the Immaculate Conception, but rosa will be in grade 6 and I will be in grade 3. Besides that, Rima will be in Junior high school and Nisa will be in Senior high school. The first time I entered the school, all of the building are full with color of pink. Every building are divided by level of education. Each building is facilitated by a library, canteen and laboratory.

We went to the principal office. The principal introduced me to a teacher called Ms. Latorilla. She teach science in grade 3 and I would be her partner for a month. I joined her classes all day long. In the end of the day, she gave me her schedule so I can manage my time to joined her classes. After I finished my classes, my buddies picked me up and waited me in the Lobby of Immaculate Heart Building. And we went home by tricycle twice and Jeepney. After that, we separate in front of the dormitory.

My first impression of the pupils is they are so disciplined and kind. Before the study start, they would pray together. And every morning at 7.10 they did the ceremony in the class, like sing the national anthem, read the vision mission and the goal of the University of the Immaculate Conception and sing the UIC Mars song.

The pupils at the canteen spend their recess time

At 9 a.m is their recess time. The teacher would tell the pupils to make a line then they went to the canteen together. The recess time just 30 minutes, so after that the pupils make a line again then went back to the classroom to continue the studies. After all of the studies finished, they would clean the classroom. The teacher has been made a schedule for it so the pupils will clean the classroom by their shift. Every day there are 6 until 7 pupils would clean the classroom.